Do I need Apps?

Businesses, customers, markets are all changing rapidly, and therefore so is the need for new applications and functionality – and you have a choice:

  • Wait and hope your main system develops something for an upgrade which meets your need – well hope and a bit of praying may not go a miss
  • Or you can just get create a manual work around – we’ve all done that!
  • Or you can customize your main application yourself – committing, time and cost – but we all know customization has its issues, especially when upgrades come along – and that’s assuming you managed to produce the business case
  • Or you can just forget the change – and its efficiencies, customer benefits, user engagement etc.



we can help with training and understanding the cost model for the likes of PowerApps


if it’s a business application for your own users we can help you understand the ‘When this is cost effective’ and ‘When costs may become an issue’

Native Apps

These can be a better option when you begin to look at a large number of users and ‘development costs’ may be a better option than looking at the issue of ‘multiple licenses’.

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Our Work

Our Process

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First, we’ll sit down and discuss about the project in detail. Once we have a clear understanding about your business, your goals, your users, and case scenarios, we’ll create user personas for each user type,begin establishing requirements, and set our process in motion.

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Once our design team has a thorough understanding of the task at hand, we’ll begin creating detailed information architecture diagrams which outlines how users will interact with your application. These details serve as the roadmap for wireframing, high level interactions, page elements, and hierarchy. Then, wireframes set the foundation to test via clickable prototype. We’ll finalize the aesthetic with pixel-perfect comps.

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As soon as the design team has completed enough of the wireframes and user interaction models, we’ll get started with development. By moving quickly, we discover and fix problems early and have the development and design teams working collaboratively.

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Before we ship your app, we run it through our expert QA team and a final User Acceptance Testing process. We perform end-to-end testing with real or simulated users in order to ensure the complete system achieves your business goals. Once our Quality Assurance team gives us the green light, your app is ready for launch!

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